Making my parents’ computer produce bleeps and bloops has fascinated me since I was a little kid. It still does, but I have my own computer now.

Looking back at how I learned to program I see a back and forth of being interested in the results I could achieve with a computer, and the way the results were produced, respectively. I’m currently in the latter phase again, where I’m interested in how an understanding of strongly typed programming languages and category theory can help me understand better whatever it is that we’re doing as programmers.

In my role as Front-end Developer at ETH Zürich I build user interfaces and data visualisations using React and TypeScript.

I’m very excited about Dynamicland, a long-term research project that tries to imagine how to create new digital thinking materials. It is very much in the spirit of the computing pioneers who kept looking beyond the technology itself into what it all means.

I like reading programming books and papers, too, although this list is quite incomplete as there are just too many independent pieces of writing on the web.