I’m Peter.


Design Interaction Design, Interface Design, Data Visualization
Technology Full-stack Web Development, Data Management
Management Lean Software Development

Professional Experience

2011–today Partner at Interactive Things, Zürich.
2010–2011 Interaction Designer at Interactive Things, Zürich.
2009–2010 Interaction Designer at Plasma Design, Zürich. Interface design and web development.
2008 (6m) Internship at iart interactive, Basel. Research and development of an interactive archive visualization; Prototyping of exhibition concepts.
2004–2010 Freelance web developer at Würmlibicker, Baden. Web development and Drupal CMS.
2004–2006 Media distribution and archive management assistant at Trigon Film.
2004 Desktop publisher at Polykum.
1998–2007 Projectionist at Kino Orient, Wettingen; Fantoche, Baden; and Sterk Lichtspieltheater, Baden.


2009–2010 Master of Arts, Interaction, Zürich University of the Arts
2005–2008 Bachelor of Arts, Interaction Design, Zürich University of the Arts


2017 TomCast, Tom Capital. Project Lead.
2016 Violence Info, World Health Organization. Lead Programmer.
2015 Finance UI. Lead Programmer.
2014 Small Business Sentiment Visualization, Thumbtack. Programmer.
2014 SSZ Visualization Library, Statistik Stadt Zürich. Lead Programmer.
2014 Cockpit, Swisscom. Lead Programmer
2014 Gemeinwohl Schweiz, University of St. Gallen. Lead Programmer
2014 Wahlen in Zürich, Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Programmer.
2014 Du fliegst nur einmal, Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Lead Programmer.
2013 Portfolio Visualization, Swiss National Science Foundation. Lead Programmer
2013 Keine Zeit für Wut, Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Lead Programmer.
2012 Ecoplace Resource Usage Dashboard, Ecoplace. Lead Programmer.
2011 Media Table, Raiffeisen Zürich. In collaboration with iart interactive. Programmer.
2011 World Inequality Database on Education, UNESCO. Programmer.


2014 Confluence Diagram, a collaboration between the University of St. Gallen and Interactive Things.
2010 Active Identity, Zürich University of the Arts. Master’s thesis.
2008 Fingertip, Zürich University of the Arts. Bachelor’s thesis.


2016–today Internship Lead, Interactive Things
2017 Nationaler Zukunftstag. «Design- und Entwicklung einer App»
2015 Swiss National Science Foundation, Berne. «Wissenschaft visualisieren – Visualiser la science»
2014 MAZ Die Schweizer Journalistenschule, Luzern. «Interaktive Geschichten & News-Apps – Erstellung, Prozesse managen»
2013 IAD, Zürich. «Intermediate Web GUI»
2013 IAD, Zürich. «Basic GUI – Prototyping with web technologies»
2011 Universität Basel. «Data Visualization for the Digital Humanities


2013 News Design Conference, Zürich. «Fukushima: Keine Zeit für Wut»
2013 IDEO, Munich. «Trust and Reputation on the Internet»
2012 Webtuesday Zürich. «CoffeeScript – Hijacking JavaScript»
2011 Swiss Confederation, Berne. «Open Government Data»
2010 PechaKucha Night, Zürich. «Data Visualization»
2009 Swiss Design Network, Lugano. «Person-to-person Lending»
2008 Ars Electronica, Linz. «Fingertip: Applications for Vibrotactile Touch Screens»